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Hi everyone!

I didn’t post at all last week because work have started my phone training and it’s taking everything out of me. Speaking on the phone gives me a lot of anxiety so to maintain a professional demeanour I have to put everything into it. As a result I neglected my blog last week but as they’ve put me on the phones again for at least the next two weeks I am pushing myself this week. I’m seeing it as a big obstacle for me to overcome, working solidly all day and writing a blog post everyday. I have also decided that I will be posting this weekend (when I have more time) about the presents that I made friends and family for Christmas. I was waiting until I had given them all out but life gets in the way on both sides and I want to post it before February!

Okay so here is Monday’s post, a couple of weeks ago I met a friend in town and we went to the newly open Loungers in our city. I know they have a few of these in Cardiff but I’ve never been, and as they have a dedicated vegan menu I was pretty excited. I’m also going to apologise as these photos were all taken on my phone which has a rubbish camera.


For lunch I had the falafel burger, I’ve always preferred falafel in a pitta with salad but decided it was the best option for my personal tastes. The burger itself is falafel made from butternut squash and nutmeg and it comes in a sourdough bun with rocket, red onion and chutney. Is it just me that imagines plenty of salad topping your burger when it arrives? The burger came and it was a pretty big ‘patty’, underneath was a little bit of rocket and red onion and a minuscule amount of chutney. The burger was too large to hold and eat so I had to cut it up to eat it. It was possibly the driest burger I have ever eaten, even with the extra ketchup I ordered for it.


I would definitely never, ever eat this burger again. Although I would say that the accompanying chips were very nice. My friend paid for my meal but the burger and chips cost £8.50, which is ridiculous, quite frankly. I also had a sherbet lemonade to go with it which was absolutely delicious, that cost £2.70.



Now I was pretty upset that I’d been waiting to go to Loungers for ages but the food had really disappointed me. The atmosphere and decor was beautiful, the staff were attentive and friendly, the toilets were the nicest smelling toilets I have ever been in. So, when I met family later that day I convinced them that we should go back, because trying to find a place where everyone can eat is a nightmare. One vegan, two vegetarians, two meat eaters and a child.

The night time atmosphere was even more spectacular, dimmed lights and candles, great music, and the staff were still lovely.



I opted for a smaller dish this time, avocado brunch, avocado with lime, chilli, tomato and coriander on a muffin.


While I finished my ‘meal’ before everyone else at the table I really didn’t mind because the dish was lovely (although I fail to see how you could mess up avocado on toast). Although I wish there had been more avocado and less tomato. The flavours were gorgeous, the textures were right and I also had a watermelon iced tea which was fantastic!


The avocado brunch was £5.95 and the watermelon iced tea was £3.75.

All in all I think that Loungers is a little above my budget right now and I don’t like much else on the menu to be honest, but I loved the restaurant and the service, and I definitely loved the drinks. I think that this would be a cool place to hang out and just have (non-alcoholic) drinks with friends, they also do soya milk for coffees so I’ll keep that in mind.

Hope you’ve had a great Monday


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