Co-Op lunch review

Evening everyone,

How’s your week going? Mine’s going from bad to worse as my headaches are becoming more extreme to the point where I can’t do anything. At least I have a doctor’s appointment next week if they continue.

Today is just going to be a short review as I can’t look at my laptop for too long, it’s a review of a lunch I recently bought at The Co-Operative.


For lunch I bought the falafel wrap, super purple smoothie and root vegetable crisps.


The wrap was clearly labelled vegan on the front of the packet which impressed me, it’s not something you usually see. Inside is a chilli wrap which contains falafel, spiced houmous, Moroccan chutney, sweet chilli sauce, chickpeas and coriander. Sounded perfect to me. The tortilla was very soft and only a little spicy, the falafel wasn’t dry and had a great taste to it but not too much flavour. The veg was crunchy and went well with both the spiced houmous and the Moroccan chutney, both of which were delicious. I wouldn’t think twice about buying this wrap again.

The super purple smoothie tasted fantastic, the mix of blueberry, grape and banana was great and the addition of mint made it something a little special which I hadn’t tasted before. My only issue was that the smoothie was quite thin due to the largest ingredient being grape juice, I would have liked something more substantial.

The root veg crisps were the only item that I bought which I had previously tried, they are pretty simple, just parsnips, sweet potato and beetroot. The parsnip crisps are long and crunchy, the circles of beetroot just melt in the mouth and also have so much flavour, the sweet potato crisps are thin and not as crunchy as the parsnip. However, I don’t remember the crisps being this salty when I had them last, the salt actually made the crisps a little unpleasant and took away some of that natural vegetable flavour I was looking for.

All in all this lunch was great, although it didn’t completely fill me up. I will be buying the wrap again and I’m interested to try the other smoothies which I saw in the fridge.

Hope you’ve had a great day,


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