Co-Op Mexican spicy bean pot


Today I spent time with family, because even though my headaches are still bad (though they are getting better) I rarely get a chance to see anyone these days that I couldn’t say no. I had a short walk in the woods followed by a soya hazelnut latte and vegan chocolate and peanut butter cupcake, as well as picking up a few choice items from the store/cafe. So all in all the day was good.

Today I’m going to review another product that I bought from the Co-Op, the Mexican spicy bean protein pot.

Sometimes I visit the Co-Op in the bus station on my way home from work as they tend to have some reduced items around that time and I like a bargain. Recently I came across this little bean pot and decided to give it a try. The pot is basically beans, rice and vegetables in a spicy sauce.


First of all, there were far too many spinach leaves in it, I know greens are good for you but rice and beans aren’t particularly expensive and I would have liked more of them in the pot. There were jalapenos in there which I was perfectly comfortable with, and this is stated on the packaging, however I wasn’t sure that they were really needed in a snack pot. I found that once I reached the main event the rice, beans and vegetables there was a good variety of textures and an authentic Mexican taste which I enjoyed. The mixture was spicy but also deep in flavour. I was left disappointed that the pot was so small, it felt like more of a snack than something I could actually eat as a meal. The product was labelled as suitable for vegans and I paid 99p for the 163g pot so I can’t really complain, although I am unsure that I would purchase it again.

Ingredients: Edamame beans (22%), kidney beans (14%), black turtle beans (10%), spinach (10%), mixed cooked rice (6%) (brown rice, red rice, wild rice), sweetcorn (6%), red onion (5%), tomato, jalapenos (3%) (jalapeno pepper, water, salt, acidity regulator (acetic acid), ground oregano, laurel leaf, cloves, firming agent (calcium chloride)), red pepper (3%), yellow pepper (3%), chickpeas (3%), rapeseed oil, coriander, tomato puree, lime juice, tomato paste, lime zest, white wine vinegar, sugar, salt, onion, spirit vinegar, chipotle chilli flakes, cornflour, basil, garlic puree, chilli, oregano, garlic, mustard flour, black pepper, cumin, concentrated lemon juice, maltodextrin, lemon juice, colour (paprika extract), cinnamon, spice extracts, nutmeg, mustard seeds, flavourings.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend,



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