Vivani white nougat crisp

Evening everyone,

Well, who’d have thought it? I’ve managed to blog every day this week. It’s usually been just before I’m about to go to bed when I think ‘oh crap I’ve got to post’, but I still did it. I’m not sure if I’ll have a break tomorrow to get some photos edited but I’m going to try and keep up the posting, even if I have a break on the weekend.

Today’s post is one I’ve been saving because I absolutely love this product, it’s the Vivani white nougat crisp. I’ve had the orange and almond bar from the same brand previously, and have said that it was my favourite chocolate. Well, I have now changed my mind.

Not only is it the fact that I have found vegan white chocolate which doesn’t suck, nor is it my finding that rice milk chocolate is the BEST chocolate. The flavours and textures of this bar are so perfect that I can barely write about it without wanting to camp out in town and buy it first thing in the morning. The chocolate is sweet, creamy and full of nutty flavour, it has little crunchy bits throughout, and it really is such a treat. I have already gone back and bought more and I can see more of these bars in my near future. I paid £1.05 for the 35g bar, which isn’t too cheap but it’s really worth it.


Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, hazelnut paste 23 %, cocoa butter, rice drink powder 11.5 %, hazelnut brittle 8% (raw cane sugar, hazelnuts, corn glucose syrup, caramel syrup) bourbon vanilla extract.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend,


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