Tesco free from dessert pots

Hi everyone,

It’s been a couple of days but I’m back! I had a long induction day yesterday and then a day off today which I spent getting an x ray and talking to doctors. I still have this bloody headache and it’s back to work tomorrow but oh well.

Today I’m going to review two types of free from dessert pots which I found in Tesco, I hadn’t seen either of these before so I picked up both and gave them a try.

The first pack was the dairy free strawberry rice pudding (180g), the idea of coconut based rice pudding was instantly appealing. However, I wasn’t too sure about the addition of strawberry. The smell when you open the pot is very much like coconut yoghurt, the texture is very pleasing, the rice is soft and there isn’t a hard or lumpy bit in sight. The coconut rice pudding by itself is sweet and creamy, it’s a little too rich to eat by itself so I was actually glad for the strawberry. The strawberry at the bottom of the pot is made from Senga strawberries which I find to be the most flavourful variety, so there’s nothing artificial to the taste of the dessert. While it was sweet and very slightly tangy the fruitiness cut through the creamy coconut and rice. It didn’t take me long to eat both pots and I would happily eat this dessert again.


Ingredients: Coconut milk (coconut, water) (62%), Senga sengana strawberry (20%), caster sugar, rice (8%), gelling agent (pectin).

The other desserts I got were the dairy free mango coconut tapioca (180g). Now I don’t think I’ve ever eaten tapioca, but the texture wasn’t too bad. Chia seeds are a more difficult texture for me to deal with, however, I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed eating this pot. For one thing, it tasted a bit too much like real dairy to me and that really put me off, more than the texture. Also the mango in the bottom was a little too overpowering, I quite like the combination of mango and passionfruit but the Alphonso mango by itself was too strong. So if you couldn’t tell already, I won’t be buying this one again.


Ingredients: Coconut milk (coconut, water) (55%), Alphonso mango purée (22%), water, caster Sugar, tapioca (5%).

I paid £2 for each of the duo pot packs which is good value in my opinion. My final verdict is that one hit and one miss isn’t too bad, and it’s nice to find a new dessert that I like.

Hope you’ve had a brilliant day,


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