Month: February 2016

Coffee Punks review

Hi everyone,

It’s Sunday and I’m sad because I didn’t get to do everything I wanted this weekend, that’s the problem with me and my never ending lists. I’m hoping that sprucing my house up will give me a feeling of achievement. I’m still so happy that my money came through and as well as shoes I just bought myself some new skin care to try out so hopefully I’ll be getting a few parcels next week!

On to today’s review, I’m going to be talking about a cafe that has recently opened in my city. There was a vegan meeting there a few weeks ago and this was my first time eating/drinking there so I thought I would give it a quick review.

Superdrug Vitamin E review

Hi everyone,

It’s the weekend, and a welcome break from work. I finally got paid which means I can finally afford shoes that don’t let in rain water, and some forks because we only have three at home. It’s the little things that matter because we are now on the way to saving for a new place and that’s very exciting.

Today I’m going to review two products from Superdrug’s Vitamin E range, one of many Superdrug own brand ranges that I love.

Provamel cashew milk

Hi everyone,

It’s Friday!! I’m stuck in the middle of an 11 hour shift so my weekend is off to a great start! Hopefully I got paid today, this will be my first payslip since I started in December so it’s been a long time coming. You’ll know tomorrow because my intro will be very happy or very very angry. Fingers crossed for the former!

Today is going to be a very short review as I don’t have much to say on the product but I review everything I buy so here we go, my review of Provamel’s cashew mik.

Superdrug dead sea mineral mask

Evening everyone,

It’s five o’clock which means I only have one day left in work this week, it may be another 11 hour shift but I get the whole weekend off to sort everything out. We’ve had some really sunny weather this week which has made me very happy and I hope it sticks around for my time off. Today I should have had an ECG and blood tests to figure out what’s going on with me health-wise, but as I am writing this ahead of time I don’t know whether things went to plan, I’ll let you know tomorrow I guess.

Anyway, today’s review is a mud mask from Superdrug, the detoxifying dead sea mineral mud mask.

Coconut Collaborative yogurts

Hey guys,

How’s your week going? Today is my first day back in work and as this goes live I’m just finishing so I’m probably dead.

Today I’m going to review a range of coconut yogurts from The Coconut Collaborative. While I have bought products from this brand before, the products in this review were from a competition that I won a while ago. I’m just super late uploading this review.

Here’s what I received.


Basically a cool bag packed full of delicious coconut goodness.