Superdrug Tea Tree range review

Evening everyone,

Well the weather yesterday was atrocious, I nearly got blown into traffic. Now it’s supposed to be freezing all week, I hate Winter! 😦 I also found out that I’m working 47.5 hours next week so that’s going to be fun, haha. On the up side I should have a new laptop at the end of this week thanks to my family.

Onto today’s review, I am still struggling with my skin, sometimes it feels like a losing battle but I really want to improve it and so I’ve been trying out more products to aid me in my quest for spot free skin. I’ve used products from Superdrug’s Deep Action range, with limited results, so I opted for their Tea Tree range this time. I have made my own treatments with tea tree oil but I thought that this was a relatively cheap way of using the oil with less effort and mess.

The first product I bought from this range was the tea tree and pink grapefruit facial wash. I liked the packaging and the colour of the product and figured that I barely use any skincare which is citrus scented so I gave it a go. The product smells lovely, just the scent to perk you up in the morning. It foams up as you use it and is very easy to wash off. Afterwards my skin felt a little tight and dry, but I liked this effect as there was no grease and it wasn’t so dry that I had to moisturise right away. However, it’s not a long lasting effect and I think I’d prefer a treatment which I could apply to my face as and when I need it. I do like this product for a nightly wash, to get rid of the grime of the day and for a nice deep cleanse. The 150ml bottle is £3.29, so it’s probably the most expensive skin care product which I have bought for myself recently, though I wouldn’t say it’s going to put you out of pocket!


The second product I bought from the Tea Tree range was the facial cleansing pads, I have used the Deep Action ones previously, with mixed results, but I like the idea of these pads so I picked up this variety. These pads contain peppermint oil as well as tea tree and they smell amazing. They are very refreshing, a quality I imagine I will be killing for once summer finally arrives. They do a good job at exfoliating and removing grease. However, even with adding this second product to my routine my skin doesn’t seem much improved, there has been a reduction in oiliness but not in the frequency of breakouts. I will keep searching for that product my skin really needs. The pack of 40 pads cost £2.99, which is great value for the convenience of the product.


Hope you’ve had a great day,