Linda McCartney sausage rolls

Hi guys!

It’s Wednesday, the week is half way over!

Today I’m going to review the Linda McCartney sausage rolls.

After loving the sausage and cranberry rolls from my party pack I have been seriously craving sausage rolls so I picked up this pack from Linda McCartney.


The first time I cooked them I used a wash of soya milk over the top to crisp them up, after that I couldn’t be bothered to and I just ate them a little bit floppy. There’s lots of pastry, which for me is a good thing, and there’s also a fair amount of sausage filling. They are soft, crumbly and remind me of good hangover food. They don’t have too much of a strong sausage flavour but they are sweet and deep, but I wondered why the meat looks white, maybe it’s how I cooked them? I absolutely love these rolls and am going to keep a few packs in the freezer for post work snacks. The 342g box cost me ¬£1.50 from Tesco.

Ingredients: Puff pastry (56%) [fortified wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), water, palm oil, salt, rapeseed oil, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids], filling (44%) [rehydrated textured soya protein (54%), water, onion, flavouring, rapeseed oil, pea protein, rehydrated textured wheat protein, wheat gluten, stabiliser: methyl cellulose; sunflower oil].

Hope you’ve had a lovely day


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