Bear yo yo review

Hello again,

I had the worst day yesterday, work was very busy and then I ran out of batteries for my e-cigarette which hasn’t happened to me in years. I decided that I would get a coffee to go home with because I was so stressed but moments after buying it I squeezed the cup too hard and split it down myself, in my lunch bag and on the floor. Great. Then my bus was 20 minutes late. It just wasn’t my day. Hopefully as this posts I am coming to the end of a much better day.

Today I am going to review the range of Bear yo yos.

When I’m at work I love a snack, I ate a salad or a sandwich at lunch time, sometimes both, but on my shorter breaks I need something quick and healthy. I find that Bear yo yos really help in this regard, while they are clearly catered towards children I absolutely love them. They have simple ingredients, are fairly cheap (especially when they are in the penny sale at Holland and Barrett), and provide one of your five a day. They come in a variety of flavours, and are basically a rolled up fruit leather.


(Pictured in this photo is also a real fruit snack bar which is also delicious)

They are not too thick, not too chewy, the fruit is always really nice and they keep me going til my next meal. They are a winner all round to be honest. If you buy them for your children each pack has a little card inside which would be entertaining for them, and the whole pack is recyclable. The ingredients are very simple, each pack usually has apple and pear, maybe a little veg, and then main fruit. There’s no artificial ingredients, it’s just dried fruit. I tend to get a different flavour for every day, just to mix it up. I like the apple, raspberry, strawberry and pineapple flavours, but my favourite has to be the blackcurrant. I really don’t like the mango one so I don’t buy it. Each pack is 20g and I buy mine for 69p from Holland and Barrett but they are widely available and also come in multipacks.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Thursday, it’s nearly the weekend!


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