Co-Op and Costa snacks

Evening all,

I’ve had a weekend of feeling out of sorts and in pain, and when I feel like this I love to snack. This review is a few of the things I’ve been snacking on this past week, all vegan of course.

The first is the Costa fruity crumble, it is great to live in age where chain coffee stores are offering a little something for vegans to eat. The bar displays the vegan logo, and even though I was sure that I wouldn’t like it I bought it anyway to support the cause. The bar is a gluten free cinnamon spiced biscuit base with a plum, cranberry and sultana filling finished with a crumble topping. I really didn’t like it, but that’s my personal taste. I’m not fussed on cinnamon and I hate sultanas. So I wouldn’t buy it again but I hope that more options become available soon.


The next snack is from the Co-Op, it is the dark chocolate infused with orange oil. The bar is fairtrade and contains 56% cocoa. The 100g bar is enough to last me for a while, the chocolate isn’t too bitter and the orange oil is a perfect pairing. The chocolate isn’t as creamy as some other vegan chocolates that I’ve tried but it’s rich and delicious and I would happily eat it again.


Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithins), orange oil, vanilla extract.

The last snack of this review is also from the Co-Op, the smoked salsa nut mix. Inside this 150g pouch are baked almonds, cashews and peanuts coated with a smoked mesquite wood and salsa flavour, and the pack is labelled suitable for vegans. The nuts have a delicious smoky tomato flavour, I absolutely love savoury coated nuts. I found it hard to eat a lot of them at once because nuts are quite filling so this is another snack which lasted me a few days. I wouldn’t think twice about buying these again.


Ingredients: Peanuts (54%), almonds (19%), cashews (19%), sugar, garlic powder, bell pepper, tomato powder, rice flour, citric acid, flavourings, salt, colour (paprika extract), tapioca starch, maize starch, cumin, cayenne pepper, smoked salt.

Hope your weekend is going well,


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