Original Source review

Hello again,

Here’s another review for you, I have to start doing more skincare reviews but I can’t afford to buy much at the moment. I’m hoping I get my first pay this month (even though I’ve been there since December) so I can do more reviews.

Today I’m going to review two Original Source products, a body wash and a hand wash.

Original Source makes certified vegan products but it still has some ethical issues due to the brand’s parent company. I don’t buy the brand a lot but with minimal chances to go to town to by Astonish and Superdrug I sometimes have no choice when it comes to online supermarket shopping.

I usually use Astonish hand wash but I decided to try something different so I bought this Original Source vanilla and raspberry moisturising hand wash.


This is a lovely hand wash which smells like berry ice cream when you squirt it from the bottle. Once you start to wash the berry smell comes out a little more and once completely washed it leaves a delicate scent on the skin. It also leaves the hands feeling a little softer. I paid £1 for a 250ml bottle from Tesco.

I also bought a bottle of limited edition raspberry and cocoa shower gel, I love the deep red colour of this gel.


It smells tangy and fruity but also has deep and rich notes of cocoa. To be honest it’s not a scent for me, and the cocoa is overpowered by the fruit as you wash with it. The scent doesn’t linger on the skin for long afterwards and I’m not going to back to buy another bottle. I paid £1 for the 250ml bottle, also from Tesco.

Hope you’ve had a brilliant day



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