Superdrug apple shampoo

Good evening to you all!

How’s your weekend going? Today is my day off and I can’t decide whether to clean or sleep.

Today I’m going to review a shampoo that I’ve been using for the last fortnight, Superdrug Extracts refreshing green apple and tea tree shampoo.

While I’ve made a point of working on my skin I’ve been neglecting my hair. Recently it’s been getting really greasy (just one of my problems with it), which is also not great for my oily skin. When I needed to buy a new shampoo I picked up the only Superdrug old brand shampoo for oily hair that I could see.


The shampoo doesn’t smell very strongly of apple, or tea tree. It’s more of a subtle clean scent. It also lathers up quite a bit. The first time I used it I was washing out a coconut oil hair mask and it cut right through it, so I was instantly impressed. It helps my hair last longer than my usual shampoo whilst also not entirely taking away the volume from it. I shower in the night and let my hair dry naturally and my hair really does resist grease for a good portion of the day, I love the fresh and clean look it gives me.

The shampoo was £2.29 and is currently on a two for £3 offer, brilliant value.

Hope you’ve had a lovely day



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