B. and Gosh make-up haul

Hey everyone,

As this post goes up I am in the middle of my second 11 hour shift this week, and on a Sunday as well *sad face*. I have the next two days off but tomorrow will be another day of doctor appointments to try and get a handle on my health. I’m looking forward to the break from work.

Today is going to be a make-up post, I haven’t done one of these in months because I’ve been using what I have and I haven’t had the money to buy anything new. The products in this post are a mixture of presents and things I bought with my Christmas money. Everything is from Superdrug and is either from the B. or Gosh range.

Instead of reviewing each product individually I decided to have them all in one post with a before and after photos. When I use a product which I have reviewed before then I will make a note of it. A disclaimer, as usual, I am pretty average at applying make up so I might not show the products in their best light. I am also pretty nervous about showing the before photo because of my skin at the moment, so be kind. I know it could be worse but there’s a lot of things which make me uncomfortable.

So here’s the before photo.


First I applied my B. primer, then set about experimenting with my three new concealers. I got the Gosh Click’N Conceal Anti-Redness 4, I wanted to see if this green concealer would help with my spot issues. It dispenses through a clicker, the liquid is not too thick and blends well. It’s kind of hard to get just a very small amount of product to just cover the spot, I found that I had larger white patches around my face. It did remedy the redness, which is what it’s supposed to do. This concealer is £6.99 in Superdrug, I don’t know whether it’s worth that price.

After applying the anti redness concealer I went over it with Gosh Click’N Conceal in Light 1, it has the same clicker function and consistency as the green product, although I found this one slightly greasy. It has pinky tone which put the colour back into the white areas of my face but it’s thin and I wasn’t wild about the coverage. This concealer is also £6.99 and I am not sure that this one is worth the money either.

The last concealer I got was the B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer in Light 124 this concealer has a twist end and I much prefer this to the clicker. It also has better coverage than Gosh and is closer to my paler than pale skin colour. I found it effective for covering up my dark circles, although not completely, and also for taking the redness from my nose which has been a blessed Winter gift. Despite it being an under eye concealer I have used it for covering blemishes and it works quite well. It’s also far cheaper at £3.98 but is currently on sale for £1.98, a bargain indeed.

After applying concealer I then used my Gosh foundation and finished my face with Gosh translucent powder.

This is the result. I think my skin looks a lot more even, but that could be the foundation and powder. Though my dark circles look reduced.


After adding my B. blush I went on to work on my eyes, I used my Gosh neutral quad shadows first and then had a go with my new products.

I used the B. high volume in 100 black which is sadly no longer available online. It’s big tube with a big brush, and I love it. The product goes on easily, especially when warmed up, it has a strong pigment and provides a big increase in both volume and length. I now use this every day and am really pleased, it lasts through every day activities and even through tears (although I don’t think that it’s waterproof), but it also washes off easily. As it’s no longer available I can’t tell you the price but B.’s other mascaras are £9.99 and they are also half price at the moment.


Another new product I used was the B. Dramatic Bold Liquid Eyeliner in Black 100, I am pretty crappy at applying kohl eyeliner, never mind felt tip but I decided to give it a shot. The felt tip is tapered so you can get more than one look, it’s another very pigmented product. I’ve seen some reviews which said that the tip dried up quickly but I have not found this to be the case. The downside is that it’s hard to wash off. If you are able to apply eyeliner properly then I’m sure you would enjoy this product, I have a lot of practice to do. The eyeliner is usually £5.99 but is currently on sale for £2.99.


I then set about trying to sort out my eyebrows, they seriously need to be thinned out but for now I decided that colouring in the gaps would suffice.

The first pencil I tried was the B. Groomed Eyebrow Kit in Blonde 6, this pencil has wax on one side, colour on the other and a little brush. I found it hard to get colour on to the skin without pressing hard on the skin, meaning that it was hard to draw the fine lines I wanted. Instead what I got was a colour block of a gingerish brown colour. I wasn’t really impressed by this product but I liked the wax for taming the beasts. This pencil is £4.19 but is on sale for £2.09 at the moment.



I also tried the Gosh Eye Brow Pencil in Grey Brown, although I don’t have photos of this on my actual eyebrows. You get more product with this than with the B. eyebrow pencil and it also comes with a little brush, but no wax. The pencil is softer but it was still hard to get the fine lines that I wanted and the colour was far too dark for my hair colour. This pencil is £5.49.


Here’s a comparison of the two colours side by side.

So neither of these products worked for me, maybe I could try a felt tipped product or I could look into professional services to thin them out.

Finally I applied three different lipsticks, all from B.’s range.

The first is B. Rich Intense Colour Lipstick in Eton Mess 54, this lipstick comes in a pretty little package and you have to press the bottom of the tube to pop out the lipstick, something I’ve never seen before. The stick smells like I remember lipstick smelling when I was a child, I know it’s silly to mention it but it just made me happy. The product is thick and has staying power, although it doesn’t last all day. The colour is pink but it’s not a dramatic colour, though not subtle either. It’s more of a dusky pink with a little hint of shine. This lipstick is £7.99 RRP but is currently on sale for £3.99.


The next lipstick is the B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Colour in Prom 119, this lipstick comes in the form of a little stick, this colour is Barbie pink, almost metallic and makes my lips look kind of plastic. It is a bold colour but is pretty and makes my lips look bigger, although it’s definitely not one I’m going to wear to work! This lipstick is £7.99 RRP but is currently on sale for £3.99.



The final lipstick, and the final product of this review is the B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Colour in Alecia 99. This colour is somewhere between postbox red and orange red and is very bright and eye catching. I absolutely love this colour and think it’s perfect for when I want to have more fun with red lips. This lipstick is £7.99 RRP and it’s also currently on sale for £3.99.


And this is a full after photo of everything on my face, I took the eyeliner off because I thought it was a bit much for the daytime.


Hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ve had a great weekend


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