Provamel cashew milk

Hi everyone,

It’s Friday!! I’m stuck in the middle of an 11 hour shift so my weekend is off to a great start! Hopefully I got paid today, this will be my first payslip since I started in December so it’s been a long time coming. You’ll know tomorrow because my intro will be very happy or very very angry. Fingers crossed for the former!

Today is going to be a very short review as I don’t have much to say on the product but I review everything I buy so here we go, my review of Provamel’s cashew mik.

I picked up this milk because it was on sale. I need to stop picking up reduced items just because I’m saving a little bit of money. The product is certified vegan and the carton I bought was 500ml.


There is a simple ingredients list, which is good, but I really didn’t like it. I’ve tried nut milks in the past but I just can’t drink them. They feel too rich, you know that feeling when you’ve filled up on too many nuts. I found the liquid a little gritty and there wasn’t much sweetness to it. I wouldn’t buy this again, I want to try making my own nut milks to see if they taste better. I paid £1.30 for the carton at Holland & Barrett.

Hope you have a great weekend


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