Superdrug Clearly Youthful Cream Cleanser

Hello again, It’s bank holiday Monday and I have an extra day off, I’m spending it with family and getting ready for work this week. I also have my CT scan tomorrow, I won’t get the results right away but I’m closer to finding out what’s going on, so some relief. Today’s post is anotherContinue reading “Superdrug Clearly Youthful Cream Cleanser”

Vegan snacks, all day every day

Hello everyone, That title made me laugh, but let me assure you that I don’t eat snacks all day every day and that I do eat properly. However, I am trying to gain weight so I need to keep my calories up as well as exercising. Today I’m going to do another bumper post ofContinue reading “Vegan snacks, all day every day”

Fry’s polony/slicing sausage review

Hi guys, Back again! Today is Good Friday and I’m working the late shift by myself, I’m sure that I am very fed up right now and wanting to go home. At least I have a three day weekend ahead of me. I also had an hour and a half massage yesterday which was relaxationContinue reading “Fry’s polony/slicing sausage review”

Mosaic market review

Hello again, A little before mother’s day I went to a new market which has opened in a restaurant I have previously reviewed, Mosaic. While not all the stalls were vegan there were a few stalls I wanted to visit, the restaurant was also offering food that day and if I hadn’t gone alone thenContinue reading “Mosaic market review”

Superdrug tea tree peel off mask

Evening all! The past few days have been particularly rough as I’ve been quite ill with the flu, I think I’m on the mend now and just in time as I have two really long shifts this week and a massage which I have been looking forward to since December. Also, with a three dayContinue reading “Superdrug tea tree peel off mask”

Morrisons garlic pizza bread

Hi everyone, Sorry today’s post is slightly delayed. I have had a day off today which I used to go to town and pick up a vegan pizza 🙂 but I’m also coming down with something which I am gutted about because I have to work overnight tomorrow and it’s not like I can justContinue reading “Morrisons garlic pizza bread”

Flora Freedom review

Hello again, I’ve managed to get another post up so I’m on track for now, haha. I’ve been having a crappy week which hasn’t been made better by knowing that some pretty rubbish shifts are coming up. Tomorrow is Spock’s birthday and I’ve got him some presents, maybe he’ll even sit still for a photoContinue reading “Flora Freedom review”

Marigold nutritional yeast (nooch) review

Hi everyone, I’m really sorry about the lack of posts last week, I’ve been very tired recently, working like a dog and trying to keep on top of everything got a bit much for me. I’m going to try and stick to posting every other day and possibly the Sunday as well, which means IContinue reading “Marigold nutritional yeast (nooch) review”