Marigold nutritional yeast (nooch) review

Hi everyone,

I’m really sorry about the lack of posts last week, I’ve been very tired recently, working like a dog and trying to keep on top of everything got a bit much for me. I’m going to try and stick to posting every other day and possibly the Sunday as well, which means I should have posts going live on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I hope this is a schedule that I can stick to, whilst also being able to manage other aspects of my life.

This week is a crazy week for me as I’m doing my first overnight shift so I have to switch my sleeping schedule very quickly and then back again for work on Monday. Wish me luck!

Today’s post is going to be a nooch review, when I heard this term used around the internet a while ago I was like ‘huh, what’s that?’ I quickly found out that it’s another name for nutritional yeast, something that vegans go a little crazy for. Naturally I had to go pick up a tub.

My local health food store stock the Marigold version, I’m not clued up enough to know if there’s any difference between brands, I also chose the added B12 version over the regular one.

Nooch is literally just dried inactive yeast, something so simple, but it peps up every dish. So far I’ve had it on pasta, pizza, garlic bread, crumpets, fried breakfast, soup, and even in sandwiches. The pack states that it can go in milk and on fruit, although I think it’s too savoury for that. The tub contains little flakes of yeast which are a little sour and salty and very slightly bitter. However, this isn’t unpleasant, it has a nutty, cheesy flavour and reminds me of the seasoning on really cheap cheesy crisps. A plus is that it contains a ton of vitamins. One warning that I will give is that this stuff is addictive, believe the hype, I’ve actually been eating it from the tub!


I paid £3.12 for the 125g tub but I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it and still have some left so it was definitely worth it.

I hope your Monday has gone smoothly,


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3 thoughts on “Marigold nutritional yeast (nooch) review

      1. Haha, yeah it can vary. If we are making something with a lot of milk, we have to add a lot of yeast to make it cheesy; normally at the end of cooking. Thanks for this great review. 🙂


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