Popty pizza review

Hi everyone,

I survived my night shift despite being terribly ill with the flu, I’m pretty tired today but I thought I would just post my Sunday review.

This week I used my day off to head to town and try a pizza vendor which everyone in my area can’t stop talking about, Popty Pizza.

The pizza is made in a little oven inside a little trailer, it’s a really cute little place. The owner is really friendly and since he started making vegan pizzas he has been running out of dough and having to close early. That’s the power of the community we have in Swansea. All the ingredients are fresh and you have a choice of Violife or tahini on top. I opted for a red onion and pineapple pizza with Violife, oregano and fresh basil. It took me a while to get home so the pizza was a little cold when I ate it, so probably not at it’s full glory, but it was fantastic. I love really thin pizzas and to have a thin stonebaked pizza made fresh was a true delight, the edges were crispy and there wasn’t too much sauce or topping weighing it down. The Violife was perfectly melted and the whole thing was absolutely delicious. I paid £5 for the pizza which I believe to be great value, I would definitely buy pizza from Popty again.


Hope your weekend has gone well, and I hope that I feel better soon


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