Superdrug tea tree peel off mask

Evening all!

The past few days have been particularly rough as I’ve been quite ill with the flu, I think I’m on the mend now and just in time as I have two really long shifts this week and a massage which I have been looking forward to since December. Also, with a three day weekend coming up I have a chance to have some much needed social time.

Today’s review is going to be on skincare, I know it’s been a long time but I recently bought a bunch of products from Superdrug and have slowly been making my way through them all. This has been hampered by having the flu because my face is too sensitive to put them on right now so there’ll be a few more food reviews coming your way. Today I’m going to talk about Superdrug’s tea tree purifying peel off mask.

The mask is supposed to gently lift away dirt, impurities and oil to reveal a radiant, clearer looking complexion. The product contains tea tree oil which has purifying and antibacterial properties, it also contains peppermint oil.


I don’t know if my bathroom has the wrong conditions for keeping this product but when I opened it the mask was kind of clumped together so it was difficult to make a mask on my face with it. I got there eventually but I couldn’t escape the feeling that it wasn’t working to it’s full potential. The product has a strong scent, you couldn’t miss the peppermint, it tingled a little on my face but the sensation wasn’t too unpleasant. I left it on for ten minutes before peeling it off, the clumpy texture didn’t make for the satisfying peel off experience which I’ve had in the past but it removed cleanly. I did have a little redness from the oils but this wasn’t a long lasting after effect. My skin felt smooth and soft but I’m not sure it really did wonders, I get the same feeling from my washes and cleansers in the showers, I was expecting a deeper clean feeling. I do have another pack so I’m going to try it again but at the moment I wouldn’t recommend this product, although I only paid 99p for it so it’s not much of a loss.

Hope you’re having a good week,


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2 thoughts on “Superdrug tea tree peel off mask

  1. For me, Tea Tree just leaves my skin feeling cool and tight. Clay masks are the ones that deeply cleanse for me, my skin always feels renewed and soft after using a clay based mask. Hope you make a full recovery soon!

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