Mosaic market review

Hello again,

A little before mother’s day I went to a new market which has opened in a restaurant I have previously reviewed, Mosaic. While not all the stalls were vegan there were a few stalls I wanted to visit, the restaurant was also offering food that day and if I hadn’t gone alone then I would have eaten there.

The stalls I wanted to visit were Fancy That! Bakery and Cool Beans, I’m going to talk about what I bought from each of them.

From Fancy That Bakery the only new item I purchased was the blueberry and banana bread. It was really soft and moist, not heavy or stodgy, and the blueberries were a perfect addition. Blueberry and banana is my favourite combination. The berries were pockets of sweet and tangy fruitiness which took the bread to a new level. It tasted like there was some sort of spice in there, cinnamon perhaps, and I didn’t like that though I tolerated it because overall the bread was delicious, although I would have preferred more of a banana flavour.  I didn’t snap a photo of the banana bread on it’s own so here’s a photo of everything I bought.


The other stall I went to was Cool Beans, another local handmade vegan venture. I had wanted to buy some of their products at the vegan Christmas market but lacked the funds so when I saw they’d be at this market and I’d finally got some money into my bank account I knew I had to go. I bought the garlic mayo, the black pepper and paprika cashew cheese and the chickpea, walnut and roasted garlic pate.

I tried all three rigorously, eating them in sandwiches, on crackers, rice cakes, toast, crumpets, with chips, and just own their own. I think it’s really great that quality handmade vegan food is available in my city.

The garlic mayo isn’t greasy like other mayo which I’ve tried in the past, it’s creamy and full of flavour, working particularly well in a Tofurky sandwich. I also really liked in on chips with some nooch on top. My only problem is that I’m a garlic fiend and would have liked more garlic flavour, however I understand that not everyone is the same as me and they have to make their product for the whole market. I just sprinkle some garlic powder in it when mood takes me.


The pate is not too rough, though it does have texture, it’s nutty and both savoury and sweet. It’s probably the most interesting thing that I’ve eaten in a while. The flavours are not too intense and I’ve also loved packing this into my Tofurky sandwiches for some extra texture and flavour. It makes a great topping for rice cakes, and I even scooped into it with crisps.


Finally, this was my first time eating cashew cheese, after the cashew milk debacle I was wary about trying it. I had been really excited about nut milk and cheeses, did I just not like them? I shouldn’t have been worried, this stuff was great. It’s definitely nutty but it also has a sort of cheesiness about it, I found it quite sweet. The paprika was an interesting touch, adding both colour and flavour, and the pepper went well with the whole mix. This was also great in sandwiches and I enjoyed eating it with the pate. However, I found that rice cakes tended to wash the flavour out. I loved the overall flavour of the cheese, it was creamy and the little crunches of nuts were lovely. The packaging was also very sweet! I will definitely be seeking Cool Beans out in the future to buy more of their products.


Hope your day has been fantastic!


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