Fry’s polony/slicing sausage review

Hi guys,

Back again! Today is Good Friday and I’m working the late shift by myself, I’m sure that I am very fed up right now and wanting to go home. At least I have a three day weekend ahead of me. I also had an hour and a half massage yesterday which was relaxation heaven so I can’t really complain.

Today’s review is of Fry’s polony/slicing sausage. I saw this in Morrisons and realised that Morrisons is much cheaper than Holland and Barrett when it comes to this kind of product. I’ve heard of them even have promotional prices of £1.5o a product. Madness. Anyway, since I’ve already tried every other Fry’d product that Morrisons stock I went for the Polony.

I was immediately stuck with a sort of panic, this is a massive sausage and it’s frozen, what the hell do I do with it?! Then my tired brain remembered that I’m supposed to defrost it so I left it in the fridge until I got back from work the next day. It had defrosted nicely so the first thing I did was cut a slice and have a taste. It reminded me of pate, it was very porky and salty and the texture was soft and almost silky. There was none of that textured sausage meat about it and it was nice to try some new textures anyway. I found that it slices quite well, I first ate it with a Sunday dinner and found that the flavours just didn’t mesh, even if it was quite palatable with gravy. The second time I ate it was with a cooked breakfast, here the polony was in it’s element, the saltiness and the pork flavour was amazing with the hash browns and beans. The final piece was cut into little chunks and chucked into a tinned soup with a bit of fresh garlic, I found that the soup overpowered the flavour of the polony although it added a new texture dimension which I enjoyed. I paid £3 for the 380g sausage and got quite a lot of use out of it, I would buy it again.


Ingredients: Vegetable Proteins (22%) (Soya and Wheat [Gluten]), Vegetable Oil (Coconut Kernal), Potato Starch, Maize Starch, Flavourings, Sea Salt, Vegetable Gum: Carrageenan, Garlic, Mustard, Colour: Red Iron Oxide.

Hope your Friday has gone well, here’s to the weekend!


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