Vegan apple pie and custard review

Hi everyone, I finished work last night at 9pm and I’m back in tonight at 9pm. I hate night shifts! I’ve just had breakfast for dinner because it’s my favourite meal and I’m hoping I make it through tonight and back on the bus tomorrow morning without falling asleep. Today I’m going to review Sainsbury’sContinue reading “Vegan apple pie and custard review”

Nakd pecan pie bar review

Hello! Today’s post is coming on a Tuesday as I didn’t post Sunday or Monday. I’ve had a few days off, I’ve been trying to organise a few things and see family. I’ve managed to see my family but the organisation kind of fell through. However, I did get some cleaning done so I’m pleasedContinue reading “Nakd pecan pie bar review”

Sainsbury’s meat free mince review

Hello everyone, It’s Friday! I’m up too early because my cat likes to cry at me in the morning until I get up, then he goes to sleep. I went to see a house yesterday but I’m on the fence about it because the fees are quite high and we’d basically be living in someone’sContinue reading “Sainsbury’s meat free mince review”

Linda McCartney sausage plaits review

Evening everyone, As this goes live I am having a nap because I am working from 9pm tonight til 7:30am tomorrow morning. It’s a killer shift made worse by having another long shift on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll make it through somehow and at least I can sleep when I get home. Today’s review isContinue reading “Linda McCartney sausage plaits review”