Zizzi’s vegan menu review

I’m back!

Sorry for not posting for a while and not acknowledging why on here, although I did mention it once or twice on Twitter. I was really excited for my four day weekend but life took an unexpected turn, as it usually does. After I came home from work on Thursday, very happy and looking forward to my weekend, I became violently sick and the after effects are still with me now. I wasn’t able to even nibble a cracker or sip water, it was rough. I also lost a lot of the good work I had put into gaining weight, which is upsetting. I’m currently trying to build up back to large meals without bringing back the sickness. Needless to say that I stayed away from reading, even on technology, because it wasn’t helping and I spent most of my time asleep.

Anyway, hopefully I’m over it now and I can get back into the swing of things. My post for today is something I was saving for my Sunday post last week so I figured I’d just post it now. It’s a review of Zizzi’s vegan menu. Eep.

By some magical turn of events my family decided that we should make a trip to Cardiff, which doesn’t happen often for me so I knew that I needed to go to Zizzi. We chose the restaurant in the bay rather than the one in the city centre.

I was immediately impressed, the restaurant was spacious. I am used to basically sharing a table with the people eating next to me but the tables were well spaced. The furniture was beautiful and so was the view. The server was friendly and attentive, even though the restaurant became quite busy after we arrived. I noticed that the main menu didn’t have the full menu, so I asked for the allergy menu and found the vegan page. There were no issues with this, and I don’t know why there would be as they have vegan options. It was just weird to not be given a look for requesting vegan options.

I liked having more than one option for each course and I chose the garlic bread, vegan pizza and the sorbets. Plus a refreshing strawberry and cucumber drink. Yum.


This is the garlic bread, it’s more like a flatbread than thick buttery garlic bread that you usually get in a restaurant. However, I really liked it, it was a lot lighter on a sunny day. I loved the whole pieces of roasted garlic. I managed to finish the whole lot and wondered how the hell I was going to eat the pizza.


The pizza arrived and I was very happy indeed, it was thin and covered in toppings. There wasn’t too much tomato sauce, which I sometimes find overpowering. There was a lot of their creamy rice milk mozzarella (which was delicious, by the way), and heaps of balsamic onions, they weren’t stingy with it. Finally, more of that glorious roasted garlic. I can confirm that this pizza was tasty as hell. I finished the whole lot and was very satisfied.


For dessert I had this lovely trio, lemon sorbet, strawberry sorbet and coconut ice cream with a mango swirl. A brilliant way to end a big meal, leaving me feeling refreshed. I love lemon sorbet anyway, but the strawberry variety was also delicious, tangy and sweet. Finally, the coconut with the mango swirl was sweet, creamy and a little fruity.


Well that concludes the review, looking at the photos makes me want to go back. Actually, I really wish they’d open a Zizzi in Swansea, that would be the dream. It was fantastic and I would definitely eat there again.

Hope you’ve had a great start to your week,


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