Trek cocoa chaos bars review


I finished work at 7:30am this morning and have had 4 hours sleep in preparation for sleeping tonight and tomorrow’s 11 hour shift. In other words, I am the walking dead. So if the following blog post doesn’t make sense then that’s why.

Today I’m going to review Trek’s cocoa chaos bar.

I have told myself that my dislike of dates and raisins can’t hold me back in my quest for delicious foods, I am limiting myself in terms of snacks and I wanted to try more vegan bars so I bought a multipack of Trek’s cocoa chaos bars. These are thick bars, with three large segments that I had to bite in halves. It’s a little dry when you first bite but melts away as you chew. There’s an instant crunch from the soya crunchies. I could taste the fruit and the chocolate didn’t really shine, it felt more like a rich fruit bar to me, I would have liked more chocolate from a bar which has cocoa in it’s name. I found it very sweet and filling, but it did leave a little sting in my throat which I didn’t like. I am on the fence about this product, I liked it more than I thought I would but at the same time there’s lots of things I didn’t like about it. So I’m not sure if I would purchase it again. I bought this on a spur of a moment in the Co-Op and I can’t remember how much I paid for it but the single bars are £1 each in Tesco.


Ingredients:Dates (33%), Soya Protein Crunchies (Soya Protein, Tapiocha Starch, Salt) (15%), Fruit Juice Concentrates (Apple, Grape, Pear) (13%), Raisins (12%), Gluten Free Oats (8%), Cashews(8%), Cocoa Powder (4%), Soya Flour, Natural Flavourings & Rice Starch.

Hope you have had a good start to your week


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