Fry’s nature’s plant proteins range review


I had a lie in today but I am still exhausted, I worked 11 hours yesterday. Tomorrow I have the day off to go and view a really nice house so fingers crossed that all works out.

Today I’m going to review some of Fry’s Nature’s plant proteins range, the nuggets, strips and schnitzels.

The first thing I tried was the rice protein and chia nuggets, after having such a great experience with their regular nuggets I was excited to see what they were like. Their exterior is crunchy and the centre is moist, they do taste different to the regular nuggets but I wasn’t fussed on the flavour. I found them a little greasy but I did like the peppery taste of the coating. I really do prefer the regular nuggets and I’m not sure that I’d buy these again.


Ingredients: Water, Gluten Free Coating (25%) (Rice Flour, Gram Flour, Maize Starch, Salt, Paprika, Pepper), Soy Protein, Sunflower oil, Rice Protein (5%), Potato Starch, Emulsifier (Methyl Cellulose), Sea Salt, Rosemary, Marjoram, Sage, Chia Seeds (0.5%), Yeast Extract, Garlic, Mustard Seeds, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Ginger.

Next I tried the rice protein and chia stir fry strips, they picked up the flavours of my stir fry well and were also very soft but with a little chew to them. I liked the little seeds throughout and that the pieces weren’t uniform, providing a little variety. They went really well with the noodles and veg and were even delicious just by themselves. I found that the flavour wasn’t as strong as the nuggets but they take on the flavour of the sauce so that was fine by me. I found them slightly addictive and would definitely buy more.


Ingredients: Water, Soy Protein, Sunflower oil, Wheat Protein (Gluten), Rice Protein (5%), Potato Starch, Wheat Flour, Maize Starch, Chia Seeds (0.5%), Yeast Extract, Emulsifier (Methyl Cellulose), Sea Salt, Garlic, Marjoram (>1%), Rosemary (>1%), Sage (>1%), Mustard Seeds, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Ginger.

Lastly I tried the schnitzels with soy and flaxseed, these were my least favourite of the three. They were a different composition than the other two, being made from soya. I felt like they were quite thin and a bit drier than the others, the coating to filling ratio was a bit much so there was quite a lot of seeds. Maybe that’s something that other people like, but I wasn’t fussed. I wouldn’t buy these again.


Ingredients: Water, Soy Protein (27%), Sunflower Oil, Wheat Protein (Gluten), Wheat Flour, Potato Starch, Maize Starch, Flavours, Flaxseed Oil (1%), Emulsifier (Methyl Cellulose), Fresh Cilantro (1.3%), Flaxseeds (1.3%), Onion, Sea Salt, Sunflower Seeds (0.5%), Yeast Extract, Coriander, Mustard, Sulphites.

So a real mixed bag with this range, I really like Fry’s regular products and it’s not a question of quality. I just think it’s my personal tastes and that you should give the range a try for yourself. There are two other products in this range, I’m not that fussed on trying the roast but I am excited to try the quinoa and fresh cilantro falafel burgers, they sound delicious. I can’t remember what I paid for each box to be honest but Fry’s is a more expensive range and I imagine I paid over £3 for each item.

Hope you’re having a good week,


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