Nakd pecan pie bar review


Today’s post is coming on a Tuesday as I didn’t post Sunday or Monday. I’ve had a few days off, I’ve been trying to organise a few things and see family. I’ve managed to see my family but the organisation kind of fell through. However, I did get some cleaning done so I’m pleased with that. It’s back to work today, heading towards two back to back 11 hour shifts, at least I get paid this week!

Today I’m going to review the Nakd pecan pie bar.

I think I’m beginning to get over my fear of dates in bars and I have no idea why, maybe just forcing myself to eat them over and over is working. On the weekend I bought Nakd’s pecan pie bar, pecan pie is amazing but I was worried that the only ingredients were dates, pecans and almonds, what would it taste like? I was actually quite surprised, the bar tasted like maple syrup, I don’t know how it’s possible to get so many flavours from dates. With the nuts it tastes almost just like pecan pie, there’s a good amount of nuts in the bar but they have a soft texture. The whole bar is soft and just melts away as you chew. The sweetness is lovely and not sickly. Overall I really liked this one, I might just slowly make my way through the rest of the range. I paid 99p for the 35g bar from Holland and Barrett.


Ingredients: Dates (52%), Pecans (28%), Almonds (20%).

I hope you had a great weekend,


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