The Giving Tree strawberry crisps review

Hello again,

I am quite tired this morning and the week has only just begun, not looking forward to the rest of it.

Today’s review is going to be short as I am writing it before I leave for work, I’ll be reviewing The Giving Tree strawberry crisps.

I was interested in trying these since I had the mixed vegetable crisps from the same brand, but I’d never got round to buying them. I picked them up as part of a mini snack haul at my local health food store.

I was expecting them to be slices of dried strawberry but, to my surprise, they were whole berries. I noticed a weird scent, sort of like dried seaweed but it wasn’t off putting. They were a little difficult to bite into, especially the larger ones, they had that crispy freeze dried texture. The taste was a little sharp and tangy with a sweet after taste and they melt away into nothing as you chew. I am not sure I’d buy these again but I really am missing lovely fresh summer strawberries. I paid £2.95 for the 18g which I felt was a little expensive for the product.


Ingredients: Freeze dried strawberries.

I hope you have a lovely day, the sun is out here,


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