Linda McCartney country pies review

Hi everyone, I forgot to say that I wouldn’t be posting a book review for March, I had been having problems with my vision, especially with reading on the bus and I didn’t enjoy feeling queasy. I am happy to report that the issue is now over and I am reading again, hopefully I willContinue reading “Linda McCartney country pies review”

Zizzi’s vegan menu review

I’m back! Sorry for not posting for a while and not acknowledging why on here, although I did mention it once or twice on Twitter. I was really excited for my four day weekend but life took an unexpected turn, as it usually does. After I came home from work on Thursday, very happy andContinue reading “Zizzi’s vegan menu review”

Violife Creamy Cucumber and Dill

Hello again, It’s Friday, and it’s made even sweeter by knowing that today is the start of my four day weekend. I think I’m going spend today cleaning, sorting things out, writing blog posts and spending time with my cats. Bliss. Today’s review is on a product that I’ve been waiting a while to try,Continue reading “Violife Creamy Cucumber and Dill”