Month: May 2016

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May Book Review

Hi everyone,

I’m back! I finished ┬ámy week at work and took a few days to relax and see family, I’m heading out again today so I thought I’d post a review of the books I have read this month and I thought, for a change, that I’d post it in the morning before I leave. When I need some escape in work I usually pick up a book, and this month I managed to get through a few, even if some of them are quite short. I am also half way through another longer book but I didn’t finish it in time for May’s review.


An update

Hi guys, I’m back from my first day at the new hospital, I’m working there all week and then I’m returning to my original workplace. I’m still recovering from my night shift and I have […]

Buffalo cauliflower wings

Hello again,

It’s Friday and I’m most of the way through an 11 hour shift with a night shift to look forward to tomorrow. Yay!

Today I have a recipe for you, I haven’t cooked too many meals from scratch recently because I hate my kitchen, my oven smokes no matter how much I clean it and I don’t want to set the fire alarm system off. However, since I’d had luck cooking the apple pie I thought I’d risk making some buffalo cauliflower wings because I’ve always been curious.

9 bar review

Hello again,

It’s Monday, the start to a new week! I wouldn’t be this upbeat if I hadn’t had three days off work and that I also get tomorrow off as well. I’ll probably feel a bit more tired after my back to back 11 hour shifts this weekend. Something to not look forward to. I spent most of the weekend at home, catching up on sleep and everything that I have to do. I also caught up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while and that was lovely.

Today I’m going to review another snack bar, I know I’ve reviewed many of these before and I’m you don’t enjoy them then I have to let you know that I have a few more to go. This time it’s a few of the new 9 bars.

Bioglan raw bites review

Hi everyone,

I had a day of catching up on sleep yesterday and today I’m off on a little adventure with a friend and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been looking at old Facebook posts and realising that three years ago I was living with a tiny undercounter fridge, and no freezer. I also didn’t have a washing machine. It gave me a little bit of perspective that things could be worse, I think I needed that.

Todat I’m reviewing Bioglan’s maca, chia and peanut raw bites.