MOMA porridge review

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life just gets in the way sometimes. I worked a long ass shift last night and I’m currently getting ready to go back in as I type this in the morning. The weather has been getting warmer and I’m excited about finally ditching the winter clothes and being in the sun.

Today I’m going to review MOMA’s coconut and chia porridge pot.

I like to make my own porridge, it doesn’t take very long and I can add what I want to it. I can see why people might like an instant porridge pot, you could eat it at your office desk. The product has powdered coconut milk, dessicated coconut and chia seeds as well as, obviously, oats. You add boiling water to the pot and let it do it’s magic, I decided not to add anything else to the pot and just taste it plain.


That was a bad idea, I hate the taste of this product, it had that sort of soapy taste you can sometimes get from coconut products and that was really disappointing. It also really needs some sort of sweetener to make it palatable. I like that it says vegan on the pack and I like that it’s a quick and easy product but I just don’t like the taste at all so I wouldn’t buy it again. I paid £1.30 for the 60g pot at Sainsbury’s.

Ingredients: Wholegrain Oats (78%), Coconut Milk Powder (9%) (Coconut Milk 67%, Tapioca Syrup 2%, Cavamax (Soluble Fibre) 1%, Maltodextrin 30%), Dessicated Coconut (8%), Chia Seeds (2.5%), Natural Flavouring (1.7%).

Hope you’ve had a lovely Monday


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