Vegan pasty review

Hello again,

It’s finally Wednesday which means I only have two days left in work before a three day weekend. I am spending Thursday night taking part in research for the National Centre for Mental Health, Friday at home, Saturday out with a friend and Sunday organising. I may have to try and fit a dentist appointment in there because, inexplicably, part of my tooth fell out yesterday, just the side of a molar. Just my luck.

Today’s review is fairly short, also my phone photos got corrupted so I only have a photo of one of the products. Additionally, a mistake on my part, I couldn’t find the ingredients for these online. I still thought I’d make a post about them, the Veg Out vegan pasties.

A bad situation tends to happen maybe once a week, I forget to buy bread to make sandwiches and Co-Op hasn’t got any wraps in stock. I have to trek to Holland and Barrett before my bus arrives and grab a Veg Out pasty, lest I starve in work. I’ve always wondered about these pasties but had never bought one so I picked up two varieties, the duck and hoi sin and the steakless bake. I have also seen an italian style pasty and a sausage roll.

The first one I bought was the steakless bake, it became a little flattened in my bag but that’s my fault. The sauce inside was rich and deep, it had a taste that I enjoyed. I wished that the pieces had been bigger, less like mince, I also wished that they had more chew. I found the cold pastry unpleasant and greasy. It was okay as a snack, but not enough to fill me up. Luckily, it wasn’t the only thing I bought to eat that day.

The second pasty I bought was the no duck and hoi sin style sauce, I managed not to crush it in my bag this time so it looked a bit more like a pasty. The filling tasted a little of sausage which was weird, and then I could taste the hoi sin sauce. I don’t know why I thought this would taste nice in a pasty, it just didn’t sit right with me. There also wasn’t enough filling for the pastry, which had the same greasy texture.


Overall, I wasn’t fussed on these pasties and I probably won’t pick them up again. Have to remember to buy bread on the way home from now on!

Hope you’ve had an amazing day,


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