Bioglan raw bites review

Hi everyone,

I had a day of catching up on sleep yesterday and today I’m off on a little adventure with a friend and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been looking at old Facebook posts and realising that three years ago I was living with a tiny undercounter fridge, and no freezer. I also didn’t have a washing machine. It gave me a little bit of perspective that things could be worse, I think I needed that.

Todat I’m reviewing Bioglan’s maca, chia and peanut raw bites.

These bites are a similar style to all the bars I’ve been trying, except they are eight little bites in a bag. Each bag contains two portions of superfoods and is made from simple ingredients. The product contains fibre, protein and Omega 3.


There’s a sharp sweetness from the dates, they have a soft texture but the seeds provide them with a little crunch. I love the little bits of peanuts inside. They aren’t heavy and are a light and healthy snack, I just wish that there were more bites in a pack. I’ve only had maca once before, I heard it’s supposed to have a nutty, maple or butterscotch taste and I did find a little of that with the bites. They had a nice flavour and I wouldn’t mind eating them again. There are a few others which I think I’d try, the cacao and quinoa and the goji and camu camu but I wouldn’t try the ginger and spirulina. I paid £1.99 for the pack at Holland and Barrett.

Ingredients: Peanuts (36.3%), sultanas, dates, sunflower seeds, chia seeds (9.7%), Maca Root Powder (0.5%).

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend


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