Another M&S haul

Hi everyone,

it’s Wednesday and I’m back in work, I have four straight days now and I’m probably going to be shattered by the end of this week.

Today’s post is going to be another Marks and Spencers haul, I love M&S and when I saw they’d released their new summer products I went on a little shopping spree.

The first thing I picked up was these carnival fire crackers, these are little sweet sticks made from fruit and chilli flakes. They have a fondant in the middle which is an extra little treat. I found them really nice, a little sour with a kick of chilli. There isn’t too much sugar coating, I hate it when excess sugar gets everywhere. The passionfruit and pineapple were my favourite, the lime was okay but I didn’t like the mango flavour.


Another pack of sweets I bought was the mocktail soft jellies, the bag contains cuba libre, pina colada and watermelon daiquiri. The cuba libre has a very strong cola taste, but I didn’t get any other flavours from them. The pina colada was not very nice, I was expecting this to be my favourite but the flavour was all wrong and tasted cheap. My favourite was the watermelon daiquiri, although I found the taste very intense but it was a lovely taste.


The next thing I bought was a bottle of pina colada and my faith in M&S was once again restored as this was one of the best pina coladas that I’ve ever had, refreshing, creamy and simply delicious.


Another thing I picked up was the sweet and salty nut clusters, another brilliant product. They are squares of roasted nuts with a little salt held together with syrup. They are simply divine, both sweet and salty with a good crunch. There’s a variety of nuts with a lovely flavour. I definitely need a stock of these in my cupboard.


One more excellent find was the Colombian coffee lollies, they went straight in the freezer and I neglected to take a photo. They really didn’t last long. The lollies are made with coffee, coconut water and coconut milk. As soon as you open the packet you get a strong scent of coffee. I was surprised at how lolly-like they are, I thought they would be more of a creamy product. It’s basically iced coffee on a stick and it’s surprising refreshing. They feel like a really grown up summer treat.

Another product I bought, to go with a pack of salted tortilla chips, was the three salsa selection. This selection is made up of the charred corn salsa, roast pepper salsa and vine ripened tomato salsa. The charred corn variety was my favourite, lots of texture, a great Mexiacan taste with spices and a good tang to it. The roast pepper variety was a bit too strong for me, it tasted like it should be a pasta sauce or part of a BBQ but I didn’t like it with the tortilla chips. The tomato salsa was more watery than I expected, making chip dipping a little more annoying than I would have liked. The tomato chunks were very soft, with a mild flavour and a good mix of tang and sweetness.


The next thing I picked up was the pea and mint hand cooked crisps. M&S’s commitment to real and quality ingredients means that I can’t eat most of their higher end crisps so I decided to give these a try. I wish the pea taste had been stronger, I could mostly taste mint and potato. They reminded me of Sunday dinner.


Additionally I had to buy a pack of fresh pineapple, I don’t have much to say about this product except that it’s the freshest, juiciest pineapple that I’ve ever had.


Finally I bought the giant cous cous, chickpeas and edamame bean salad with mint vinaigrette. My one qualm with M&S is that a lot of their salads have either honey or dairy in them, even if it’s just in the sauce. I find myself staring at ingredients for ages hoping that I find another delicious salad which I can actually eat. This is my favourite, it has a great variety of ingredients and a lovely vinaigrette.


Hope you’ve had a great day,


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