Booja Booja hazelnut crunch truffles review

Evening all,

Today is Friday and I finally have a weekend off (yes!), as this goes live I am finishing up my last shift of the week and heading home, probably for a nap. I have also found out this week that I have to have both my tonsils taken out and I am not looking forward to that, but I don’t know when my operation will be. At the moment I’m just looking forward to seeing my friend tomorrow and July, when it’ll be my birthday and the birthday’s of a few friends and family. I’ve been buying presents all month and can’t wait to see their faces.

Today’s review is on Booja Booja’s hazelnut crunch truffles.

I have received these truffles twice recently, once in a little egg for Easter and then a larger box for my anniversary. I think I was put off by the powdered coating of the rhubarb ones that I tried before so I was a little apprehensive about eating them. However, although I still don’t like the amount of cocoa powder I felt like this flavour was much more suited to it. The inside of the truffles is a mix of glorious, melt in your mouth chocolate and delicious little nibs of hazelnut. Luckily they are quite rich so I couldn’t finish the whole box in one sitting. These were absolutely divine and I would definitely eat them again. I won’t post the price of the egg or the box as they were presents but the brand is widely available online.


Ingredients: Chocolate (cocoa solids 55%, cane sugar, vanilla), Coconut Oil, Hazelnuts (18%), Cocoa Powder.

Hope you’ve had a great week,


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