The Vegan Kind June box review

Hey everyone,

Apologies for my absence but I’ve had a little break after my internet palaver which I’ve used to edit photos and write posts. Depending on how things went yesterday I should have a lot of content for you, enough for me to post every day, that’s the plan anyway. Also, did you know that a year ago today I started this blog, I was still occasionally eating some dairy and my first few reviews reflect that so I won’t post those but I will be posting flashbacks to vegan only reviews on Twitter. You can either check back to my old posts or follow me there to see what I was doing a year ago.

Today I am reviewing The Vegan Kind’s June box. This is my first box from The Vegan Kind and I had to stay off social media for a few days til my box arrived so it would be a surprise.

This box contained two products which I had tried before so I’ll post links to those reviews and I won’t review them again. So here are my past reviews for the pate and the Smooze.

The first new product I tired was the cheese and onion Hoots, they’ve recently changed their recipe to remove the milk (although it still lists it on their website) and it’s not often I get to eat this flavour so I was excited. The scent is so strong and they are thin little pieces of baked bread with a perfect crunch and flavour. They aren’t oily and they are made with wholegrains with seeds, providing extra texture. These were my favourite from this box, I devoured the packet and have been craving more.


There was also a big chocolate and raspberry cookie from The Foods of Athenry. It was a bit weird having a single cookie, it felt like those little packets you get at conferences or hotels. It was a crumbly cookie, much like their brownie biscuits (which I reviewed here). I noticed the raspberry flavour much more than the chocolate and the flavour was really nice but I would have preferred more chocolate. I’m really loving this brand and I’m interested in trying more of their products.


The box contained an orange chocolate fruit bar from Good Full Stop which I also got quite excited about. I found it softer than a Nakd bar but similar in formulation. It had a good orange flavour but the chocolate was less noticeable. The bar is a natural source of copper and fibre and is also 1 of your 5 a day. I really liked the bar and have bought a few more of their bars to try.


Finally there was a 100ml tube of Green People sun cream included. As summer is coming and I am particularly pale this is a god send. It’s non-irritating, non-greasy, 82% organic and provides SPF 15. The product is for sensitive skin and is a natural tan accelerator which is of no use to me. The formulation contains aloe vera, green tea, marshmallow and avocado to minimise peeling, finally, it’s waterproof. It seems like an all round great product but I am yet to use it in the sun but have tried it on my skin. It’s thick and needs a bit of a rub for it to soak in. It has a little sun cream scent but smells mainly of lavender. After it has absorbed it isn’t greasy and feels although it could be okay to wear under makeup. I’m looking forward to trying it out properly as soon as the sun comes out.


Overall I think this was a great box and I was pleased with the contents, I’m excited to see what July’s box contains.

Hope you’ve had a great day. Do you have any vegan or cruelty free subscription boxes? Which is your favourite?


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