June book review

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late post but I’ve had a day off today which I’ve spent with friends and I could only start writing in the evening.

June is finally over and tomorrow is the start of July (where does the time go?) Soon I’ll be at Vegfest stuffing my face and then I’ll start my first long holiday from work, culminating in my 26th birthday 🙂

Here’s my review of the books which I’ve read over the last month.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz- £3 on Amazon.


First of all, didn’t know how this was going to go because I loved the trilogy and wasn’t sure if this guy would be up to the job. I was immediately put off by five pages of endorsement and praise. It felt a little forced, like ‘hey give this guy a chance, I promise he’s okay’. You also get a page of biographies for the characters which I didn’t feel was needed. Readers of the original trilogy will have these characters, their past, their motives etc ingrained in their minds. They are brilliant characters and I for one didn’t need reminding who they were, maybe it would be handy for those who just randomly picked up this book. However, I would advise everyone to read the first three books before trying this new addition. The writing style was fairly similar but obviously had Lagercrantz’s stamp on it. I found the story quite interesting, like a throwback to Lisbeth and Blomkvist working on their first case but with more danger involved. Lisbeth’s past once again comes back to haunt her and the main players of the story must once again come together to protect her and a small child with autism who has a big part to play. I like where the story went up until a point, the ending was a little abrupt and gave us the possibility of Lisbeth and Blomkvist starting again, whilst he and Berger sort of fizzled out. I don’t really know how I felt about the book, or the series being carried on by someone else. I guess if I want to stay in Lisbeth’s world I have to make do with what I’m given, if he writes another I’ll probably read it.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg- £3.85 on Amazon.


I’d had this book on my shelf for ages, I was really enjoying Zoe’s channel when I bought it but the book looked like it was meant for teenage girls (which it probably is) and I honestly felt a little embarrassed to get it out in front of other people. I eventually succumbed when I ran out of other books to read. Firstly, I felt it was a bit of a cop out for her to write a story about an anxious blogger. A little close to home for her, I felt she could have been more adventurous or creative. Despite that, after a few chapters I really invested in the characters and became mentally involved in their drama. The story was full of magic, drama and romance. I actually enjoyed reading it and it made me want to read more.

Girl Online on Tour by Zoe Sugg- £5.59 on Amazon.


So I bought the second book, it arrived after two days which allowed me to carry on the story straight away, keeping me in this world I had invested in. I finished it in three days and felt it was more entertaining than the first, although you have to wonder if the main character is simultaneously the most and the least lucky person on earth. I’m actually looking forward to the third book coming out this year.

A Reunion of Ghosts by Judith Claire Mitchell- £6.74 on Amazon.


I’ve had this book on my wishlist for a while now so when I last shopped at Amazon I added it to the order. I was expecting great things from the reviews, I was expecting an interesting story with warmth and hilarity. While I do admit that the story is interesting, going back in time to when the main characters’ great grandfather developed chemical weapons, weapons which were then used to massacre his own faith. Then the story travels through the family (which thinks that it’s cursed and many commit suicide) to the three main characters. Each has a somewhat upsetting story to tell, resulting in the book being a suicide note of sorts (fictional, of course). However, the chapters were long and quite boring, one chapter was about 100 pages long, and I didn’t particularly like the characters. I got half way through the book and had really stopped enjoying reading it, it felt like more of a chore, a thing I had to get done, so I put it down and probably won’t continue reading it.

Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig- £3.85 on Amazon.


I really liked this book, even if I have read a few similar titles in recent months. I think it’s important to hear about mental illness from a male perspective. While they are less likely to experience depression or anxiety they are much more likely to commit suicide when they do because they don’t feel that they should ask for help. This book is generous, both in humour and in insight, it’s both a story of one man’s journey through ill mental health and a self help book. The honesty that Haig writes with, even as he pens the most difficult and raw parts of his journey is so heart breaking and it’s sometimes difficult to read but definitely worth it. At the back it has a guide of how to get help, what to ask your GP when you visit. I think it’s a fantastic book and everyone should read it.

What books have you been enjoying recently?


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