Month: July 2016

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The Vegan Kind July box review

Evening everyone,

I’ve been out with my family today because my little brother just turned 18, it’s crazy how time flies. As I didn’t know what time I’d be back I have scheduled this post and so I don’t know how my day has gone but I’ll let you know tomorrow.

We’ve come to the end of July so I’m reviewing The Vegan Kind’s July box.

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Kimberly Sayer review

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, by the time I realised I didn’t have a post to put up I had to leave for work. I had a long day yesterday but I have the weekend off, today has been spent mostly at home but I did have a meeting with the bank and picked up some goodies in town. Superdrug’s B. range is being rebranded so they are selling all their stock really cheap. There wasn’t much selection in my store but they also have the online shop so if you are looking for a good deal I suggest you have a look.

Today’s review is of samples I received from Naturisimo, both from Kimberly Sayer.

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Lavera anti ageing night cream review

Evening all,

I am still ill but I’m going to attempt to go to work today and just suck it up. I have a long shift tomorrow that I’m not particularly looking forward to but then I get to go out with my family on the weekend because my brother is turning 18 and I really don’t want to be ill for that.

I’m currently working on editing all the photos of my birthday presents, I have so much to try and review, I’m trying to stick to daily posting but this might change as I have a backlog of products to try.

Today’s review is of another sample which I bought from Naturisimo, Lavera’s Anti-Ageing night cream with Q10.

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Superdrug hair therapy oil review

Hi everyone,

I’m back, I had a very busy time on my week off followed by a night shift at work which really messed me up. To top it off I am not feeling very well so it’s not a great week so far. On a brighter note I have two short shifts for the next two days so I have more time to catch up on things.

Edit: I came home early from work because I felt absolutely awful 😦

Today I have another hair care review, macadamia hair therapy oil from Superdrug.

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Organica review

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted, it was my birthday Friday and it was very busy, today’s post was supposed to go live yesterday but for some unknown reason I didn’t publish it. My holiday is over and I’m so sad, especially as I am working a night shift tonight.

Here’s a review which I was supposed to write months ago, a review of Organica, a cafe and shop in my home town.

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Odacite skincare review

Hello again,

How’s your week going? I can’t believe it’s Thursday already and I’m back in work Sunday night 😦

Today is one of my busiest days this week but I’m also excited that it’s my birthday tomorrow, I’m going for a meal tonight so keep your eyes peeled for Instagram photos.

Today I have another skincare review for you, this time it’s a brand called Odacite.

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Pacifica Indian coconut nectar perfume review

Hi everyone!
Summer has arrived this week and today has been focused on keeping myself and the cats cool, I’m very tired but I’m trying to get things done and catch up on reading blogs. Tomorrow is a very busy day for me, doctors appointment, errand running, visiting family, hanging out with friends and then going for a meal.
Today I have a Pacifica review for you, I loved their Persian rose perfume so much that I decided to try a different scent now that I’ve run out. I decided on the coconut nectar because I love the smell of coconut and it seemed like a great summer scent.