Vegetable rice review

Evening everyone,

As this post goes live I am done with my pre-assessment and I’m probably just waking up, getting ready to go to work. I’ve stockpiled a bit of food to keep me going and I’m just going to get on with it, looking forward to having the weekend off.

Today I have a very short review for you on beetroot and cauliflower rice.

I started off by making the cauliflower rice by myself, it’s super easy (just pulse in a food processor and fry) but I also picked up a ready made pack, as well as a pack of beetroot rice so I thought I’d let you know about that. Maybe you don’t have time to prepare it, maybe you don’t have a food processor, it’s probably the easiest accompaniment to a meal ever and a brilliant way to add more vegetables to your diet. It’s also a brilliant way to complete a meal without carbs, if you are trying to avoid those.


I bought these because they were on a three for £3 offer at Sainsbury’s and I didn’t want anything else on the offer (or the products had dairy in them). So I got the two packs of 300g. All you have to do it open the pack and cook it, simple as that. I’ve been adding mine to products from my tinned food review and absolutely loving it.


They both have an earthy vegetable taste and the cauliflower was quicker to brown than the beetroot, the beetroot also had that wonderful sweetness to it. I’d buy both of them again, or try to make them myself, maybe I could look into making rice from other vegetables in the future.

Hope you’ve had a great day


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