Urban Zen review

Hi everyone,

It’s Monday again so back to work but I’m excited because after Friday I am off for a week and Swansea Vegan festival is on Saturday! I have had an awful weekend because I spent most of it asleep (which is great) but I wasn’t particularly productive so my house isn’t clean, blog posts haven’t been written and everything I wanted to do didn’t get done. Hopefully I can get a lot done in the next few days.

Today I’m reviewing a cafe which opened in my home town which I only just got the chance to go to, Urban Zen yoga studio and cafe.

I was there for their opening but it was very busy then and every time I’ve passed by they’ve been packed out. Clearly people in my city love vegan food! The cafe is purely vegan and also has a yoga studio attached, they offer many dishes as you can see in this photo of their menu.


I opted for the full vegan breakfast (£8). I ordered it without mushroom because I hate them but left the tomatoes on even though I hate cooked tomatoes. The sourdough toast was delicious, the homemade sausages were fantastic, even the tomatoes weren’t that bad. The highlights of the dish were the scrambled tofu and the smokey beans, as well as the little bit of avocado which is hiding under the toast. I also really loved the addition of seeds, it was something a little special to add to the dish. I loved this and would order it again.


On my first visit I drank sparkling elderflower and had a chocolate and peanut slice from Naturally Kind.



Urban Zen definitely won a special place in my heart. The venue is gorgeous and the staff are so friendly, while it’s a little more expensive than I’d usually go for it’s the great food and the lovely atmosphere that make it worth it.

I went back the next week and took advantage of their takeaway option. This time I picked up the green goddess Buddha bowl (£7.95).


I loved this healthy option on a day where I was feeling particularly sick. It was a definite healer and the mixture of tastes and textures was delicious. This time I also picked up one of their smoothies (£4), as far as I can remember it contained berries, vanilla, cacao nibs and cashews.


I liked having a little texture in the drink and the colour was gorgeous, however I felt like it was a bit much to pay for a little cup.

Finally, I got this chocolate cake, but it was very strong and it just didn’t agree with me.


Next time I am shopping in town I know where I am going to eat, this place is a real gem and if you ever find yourself in Swansea I would definitely recommend it.

Hope Monday has been kind to you,



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