Vegan snack bars review

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I have a bit of a later start today, but I also finish later. After today I’ll only have three days until my holiday 🙂

Today I have a review of snack bars for you, I have been able to try a few Nakd bars but this post contains three different brands.

The first bar I tried was The Primal Pantry’s macadamia and coconut paleo bar, I’m not fussed on trying a paleo diet but this bar is vegan and sounded tasty so I bought it. These bars are gluten free, grain free, and also free from refined sugar, GMOs, soya, vegetable oil and sulphites. Much like the Nakd bars it’s full of simple ingredients and is raw, it has a lighter colour than most other bars that I’ve seen. Unlike some coconut products that I’ve tried recently the coconut was not soapy, it was just creamy and delicious and the strips of coconut added another texture to the bar. The overall taste was sweet and nutty and I would probably eat this bar again. I paid £1.59 for the 45g bar in my local independent health food store.


Ingredients: Dates, Cashew Nuts, Coconut (20%), Macadamia Nuts (10%), Almond Oil.

I also picked up this multipack of Pulsin maple and peanut protein snacks. These are vegan, free from gluten, soya and GMOs, however it is not raw. It’s obviously high in protein, at 9.2g per bar. The bar looks similar to fruit bars but much darker, almost black. It has visible nuts throughout and smells rich and almost chocolatey. The texture is soft and there is an instant sweet peanut flavour. There is also a little grittiness like eating peanut butter. These are absolutely delicious and I would love to eat them again. I paid £2.99 for the 3 x 35g box at Tesco.


Ingredients: Peanuts (36%), Pea Protein, Cacao Butter, Brown Rice Malt, Chicory Fibre, Natural Maple Syrup (7%), Rice Protein, Carob, Concentrated Grape Juice, Rice Starch, Sea Salt, Green Tea Extract.

Lastly I bought a raw cacao and goji berry flapjack bar from Creative Nature superfoods, this raw bar is vegan, gluten free, soya free and nut free. It’s also one of your five a day. It looks a little like a brownie and is filled with fruit. You can see the gojis, cranberries and I believe you can see the dates and sultanas. The dates and sultanas in this bar are not as processed as other fruit bars so you can really taste them and feel their texture, this is something I personally do not like. The cacao is quite strong, the texture is soft and a bit oaty but I couldn’t get over the dates and sultanas in this one so I won’t be buying it again. I paid 99p for the 38g bar at my local independent health food store.IMG_4214

Ingredients: Sultanas, gluten free oats, dates, cranberries, vegetable glycerine, Goji Berries (5.4%), Cacao Powder (4.1%), Cacao Nibs (2.7%), Cacao Butter (2.7%), Maca Powder, Water.

Hope you’ve had a great day,


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