Tyne Chease review

Hey everyone,

I’m currently on my way home with the knowledge that I have one day left in work before my holiday and it feels good. I’ve been very stressed and anxious this week and I am exhausted from trying to hide it. I’ve also been having lucid dreams every night and feel like I haven’t slept at all. A break is just what I need.

Today I am reviewing Tyne Chease.

When I spotted this in my local independent health food store I was curious, so much so that I didn’t even check the price. I am happy with Violife but what’s the harm in branching out to other vegan cheese brands? The packaging looked really nice and I was excited to try the product. Tyne Chease make aged nut cheeses and I hadn’t tried one of those before so I didn’t know what to expect.


The cheese was topped with pink peppercorns, I don’t know why but I thought that the seasoning may be throughout, rather than just placed on top. It’s a hard circle of cheese but it was easily sliceable and sort of had the look of a pecorino when sliced.



So what did it taste like? I found out quickly that I didn’t like large pieces of it, it had a strange, bitter, weird flavour that I just didn’t like. It had an almost plastic taste. I was expecting it to be at least similar to fresh cashew cheese, which was actually quite good. I found that in thin slices on crackers, or with pate, this cheese was okay and gave a creamy texture but I wanted a more versatile product that I enjoy eating. I probably wouldn’t buy this product again and if that is how all their cheeses are then I wouldn’t try any more flavours. I’m not saying that they are horrible, just not for me. I paid £7.95 for the little round of cheese, and while I respect that it’s a long process of making and ageing the product, I do not think that it’s worth the price.

Ingredients: organic cashew nuts, water, crushed pink peppercorns, probiotics, himalayan pink salt.

Hope you’ve had a lovely day, tomorrow is Friday!!!!


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