Swansea Vegan Festival 2016

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn’t post on the weekend but I spent most of it asleep and I wanted to save my next post to talk about Swansea Vegan Festival.

I had been waiting for this event for months so I wanted to talk about how great it was.

First of all, before I talk about what I bought I just want to say that this event was brilliantly planned, with a wide range of stalls, talks and information. It was fantastically attended by over 3,000 people. It was amazing to see people of all ages who were interested in what was on offer.

This is everything I bought while I was there, as well as little samples which I received for being one of the first 95 in through the doors. I decided that I would give a little review on this post for everything I ate on the day, whereas the packaged food would get individual reviews. What you see below as well as treats that were freshly cooked in front me cost £65 on the day.


The first stall I went to was Lettices, a company which sells handmade vegan meats and cheeses. I took advantage of their offer, buying three of their products which will get a separate review.


The next stall I went to was Simply-V, a store from Cardiff with an incredible range. I bought several products from here, some old favourites and some new things to try, there will be a separate review for each brand.


While I was wandering around I spotted these rather tasty looking doughnuts by Avant-Garde Vegan. They were too tasty to resist so I got four; vanilla and toasted marshmallow, raspberry, Turkish delight and chocolate and hazelnut.IMG_4332

They were absolutely delicious, with soft dough and sugary, flavour filled icing. IMG_4334

I popped over to Cowley’s Fine Food, I tried some of their jerky last year and this year I picked up their smoked chilli and garlic variety. Now I like chilli but these were very strong, having chilli seeds all over their coating. I liked the smokiness and the garlic but they were too hot to eat more than one in a sitting. However, I did like the texture of the jerky and thought that using sweet potato to make it was a great idea.IMG_4335


I also went over to Go With the Fro, I originally wanted a frozen yogurt but I had too many bags by this point and felt weighed down. Instead I chose the banana cookie nut smoothie and it was amazing, chocolatey, nutty and full of banana flavour. Scrumptious. IMG_4337

Just look at all those toppings that I missed out on 😦 IMG_4340

In the skincare section the only stall I went to was Heavenly Organics because I love this brand, the products I bought from here will get their own review.IMG_4341

Aside from the smoothie and doughnuts I also had some other food to takeaway and eat on the day. The first was a rather large hot dog from VDogs, with fried onions, ketchup and mustard. Perfect.IMG_4344IMG_4346

I also had this rather tasty slice of pepperoni pizza from Vegan Pizza Co, it made me wish that I could have bought a whole pizza.IMG_4418

Finally I picked up three Naturally Kind Foods raw bars in the banoffee, chocolate hazelnut and peanut flavours. Absolutely stunning, these photos don’t do the bars justice.IMG_4419IMG_4421

So that’s what I bought at my local Veg Fest, I had a great time even though I felt overwhelmed by the number of people and had to go home and sleep it off afterwards. Can’t wait until next year!


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