Superdrug coconut hair masque review

Hi everyone,

It’s another day off for me and I have been spending it with family, today has been absolutely beautiful and it finally feels like summer, although it probably won’t last. When the sun comes out I want my hair to look the best it can and so I’ve been branching out my hair care products, trying to find new ones that I like.

The first review I have for you is Superdrug’s hydrate and shine conditioning masque with coconut water.

This product is an intensive conditioning masque which contains both coconut water and coconut oil. It’s supposed to hydrate, add shine, and repair and strengthen the hair. It’s supposed to provide healthy looking hair with no residue. There’s also a shampoo and conditioner in this range but as I’ve been pretty pleased with my products in those areas I chose this masque treatment instead.


The product has a cream look about it but it’s not thick, it’s a sort of thin formula which just melts into the hair. I do need a good bit of product because my hair is quite long but I didn’t feel like I wasn’t getting a good amount of product for the price I paid. I’ve used it a few times and I still have plenty left for future applications. The instructions suggest that you shampoo first, towel dry and then apply the masque. I didn’t like the idea of waiting with wet hair and then going back in the shower so I just applied it before showering and then followed with my shampoo. If you’ve ever used your conditioner before your shampoo then the feeling is very similar. Once I’ve washed out the masque my hair feels soft and clean even when wet, and the effect isn’t tainted by washing over it with shampoo. I admit that the lovely coconut smell isn’t too strong after shampooing but that’s okay, I can enjoy it while I sit with the masque on. It’s really easy to wash out and my hair feels super clean afterwards with no need for an extra condition. I love this product and look forward to making it a regular purchase. I paid £2.65 for the 200ml pot.

Hope you’ve had a lovely day and that you’ve been enjoying the sunshine.