Pacifica Indian coconut nectar perfume review

Hi everyone!
Summer has arrived this week and today has been focused on keeping myself and the cats cool, I’m very tired but I’m trying to get things done and catch up on reading blogs. Tomorrow is a very busy day for me, doctors appointment, errand running, visiting family, hanging out with friends and then going for a meal.
Today I have a Pacifica review for you, I loved their Persian rose perfume so much that I decided to try a different scent now that I’ve run out. I decided on the coconut nectar because I love the smell of coconut and it seemed like a great summer scent.

This scent is a mixture of coconut and vanilla, I found it very intense when you first spray it. It’s quite overpowering and has a sort of sour coconut feel about it, it doesn’t smell like something you would wear as a perfume. My husband very kindly commented that it smelt like play dough, haha. However, I found that it mellows out after a while, leaving a sweet but subtle coconut smell with warm vanilla tones. I actually think that the final scent reminds me more of marzipan than coconut or vanilla. I’m still not entirely sure that I like this scent and I know that I much prefer the rose. I paid £20 for the 29ml spray bottle at Naturisimo. I think the next scents that I’d like to try are the ruby guava, lilac, or pikake.
Ingredients: Alcohol denat (natural grain), parfum (Pacifica’s own blend with natural essential oils), aqua (water).
What’s your favourite cruelty free perfume?
Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine 🙂


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