Organica review

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted, it was my birthday Friday and it was very busy, today’s post was supposed to go live yesterday but for some unknown reason I didn’t publish it. My holiday is over and I’m so sad, especially as I am working a night shift tonight.

Here’s a review which I was supposed to write months ago, a review of Organica, a cafe and shop in my home town.

This shop is the cutest little place, with a little cafe inside. They do soya milk for their drinks and have cakes from Fancy That! Bakery. A winner all round.

On top of that they sell a wide range of items, clothing, jewellery, artwork and cruelty free beauty products. So naturally I decided I’d pick up a few items after my coffee. I bought a candle, two mini Dr Bronner’s sachets and a Pacifica soap.

TheĀ Pacifica Hawaiian ruby guava soap is a lovely big piece of soap, it’s almost too large for my hands. I found that it gave a good lather, a light foam rather than a thicker lather which some soaps give. It had that classic soap scent as a base with a fruity scent over the top. I expected the smell to be stronger, considering the potency of their perfumes, but I still enjoyed using it and the scent lingered on my skin. I also liked the almond meal inside, providing a nice aesthetic and a little bit of exfoliation. Although I wouldn’t give this soap a 10/10 I did like using it and I am excited to try more of Pacifica’s range.


The first Dr Bronner’s soap I used was the 18 in one citrus orange scent. I have never used castille soap before so I didn’t know what to expect. The soap was watery and a little foamy and the orange scent wasn’t as strong as I expected it to be. I didn’t realise that there were so many oils in the product and I had that horrible feeling of oily skin under water. My skin felt dry and awkward, especially my hands. My skin felt tight for a while afterwards before it dried and felt softer. I don’t know if this is normal because I’ve seen a few people rave about this brand.


The second sachet I bought was the shikaki soap in baby unscented. This product was thicker and coloured and I found that it gave more of a foam as I used it. It was less oily but I still had an uncomfortable feeling on my skin and my hands still felt really dry in the shower. This product left my skin softer than the orange variety.

Finally I bought a candle from Copper & Kraft, a brand which makes soy based candles. It came in the cutest tin with a really nice label and I went for the apricot freesia scent which smelt fresh, floral, fruity and sweet in it’s tin. However, when lit I couldn’t smell the scent in the room which was quite disappointing.


Hope you’ve had a lovely day,


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