Superdrug hair therapy oil review

Hi everyone,

I’m back, I had a very busy time on my week off followed by a night shift at work which really messed me up. To top it off I am not feeling very well so it’s not a great week so far. On a brighter note I have two short shifts for the next two days so I have more time to catch up on things.

Edit: I came home early from work because I felt absolutely awful 😦

Today I have another hair care review, macadamia hair therapy oil from Superdrug.

I’m still trying to get my hair to look it’s best, I’ve found products that give me more volume, but I also want my hair to look conditioned, I’ve tried shampoos, conditioners and masques but I wanted to try an oil this time. I wasn’t sure that an oil was the way to go as my hair gets greasy quite quickly but I thought maybe it’s like face oils which are somehow usually great for people with oily skin.


I picked up this little bottle in Superdrug and the oil is made with macadamia instead of the usual argan that you see in this type of product so I was curious. First off, the scent is lovely, rich and exotic, it made me feel like I was on holiday and I loved it. The product is dispensed through a little pump which was really easy to use, I don’t know if all hair oils are dispensed this way because it’s the first I’ve tried but it was great for only getting a small amount of product. The oil is thinner than I expected and really easy to work into the hair, I needed two pumps because my hair is thin but it’s also quite long. I was surprised that the oil didn’t leave a residue on my hands. I applied it after towel drying my hair and left it overnight which is how I usually let my hair dry.

I’ve applied it a few times now and I find that it works better on my hair if I apply less on the roots as they have a tendency to look greasy after a few hours, whereas the tips need a bit more conditioning. I found that my hair looks really sleek with a nice shine and most of my flyaways and obvious damage has been tamed. It’s not a product that I use every day but it’s nice to use it once or twice a week to keep my hair looking healthy. Superdrug also make the same product with argan and with coconut oil so if you aren’t fussed on trying macadamia maybe one of the other varieties will suit you. They also make the argan oil in a mist and I’m interested to try that. The 50ml bottle cost £3.99 but it’s usually on offer and it has lasted me for quite a while.

Hope you are having a great week,




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