The Vegan Kind July box review

Evening everyone,

I’ve been out with my family today because my little brother just turned 18, it’s crazy how time flies. As I didn’t know what time I’d be back I have scheduled this post and so I don’t know how my day has gone but I’ll let you know tomorrow.

We’ve come to the end of July so I’m reviewing The Vegan Kind’s July box.

This month’s box was a mixed bag of things that I was excited to try and stuff that I didn’t really want to try, however I did give everything a go so I could post a full review.

The first thing I tried was the Virtue lemon iced tea. I don’t like tea, especially lemon iced tea but I still drank the can. The drink is full of minerals and vitamins which is a positive. I thought it tasted very slightly carbonated, but I don’t know if it was just me. I didn’t find it too sharp but I felt slightly dehydrated after drinking it, a strange feeling after consuming a liquid. I just don’t think this was for me but I can see how others might like it, I probably would have preferred the strawberry and peach flavour.


Next I tried the soy and balsamic vinegar rice sticks from Yushoi. These are low calorie baked pea and rice snacks which are also a source of protein. I’ve had these before in different flavours but I’d never tried this flavour before so I was excited. I love the texture and base flavour of these snacks and the soy and balsamic vinegar flavour definitely packed a punch. They are sweet, salty, tangy and delicious. The box also came with a voucher for money off another pack.


Next up was the chili and garlic Oloves. I hate olives, people keep trying to get me to eat them and every time I just can’t handle them. I thought that chili and garlic is my favourite flavour so if there was ever going be an olive which I liked it would be these. I was wrong, they had the same enduring sharpness, sourness and bitterness which I hate but I enjoyed the flavour of the chili and garlic. These were just a no for me.


After the Oloves I had the cola bottles from Goody Good Stuff. I’ve had quite a lot of this brands products before but I’ve never tried the cola bottles. They were a little tougher than I expected them to be but they soften as you chew. I didn’t think they were too sour or had too much sugar coating. They were sweet, tangy and full of proper cola flavour. I don’t think people would guess that these were vegan.


I then tried the chocolate and coconut oat slices from Angelic. I have seen this brand around but I have never tried any of their products. These slices looked like flapjacks and are soft and oaty when you bite into them. They have a bit of a cakey texture with bits of coconut and chocolate chips. You get a lovely combination of flavours and textures and the chocolate chips melt in the mouth. They aren’t too sweet and the chocolate wasn’t too dark. I really liked these.


The last edible thing I tried was the goji and coconut chocolate bar from Conscious Chocolate. I have also seen this brand online but I hadn’t tried any of their chocolate. I am not fussed on dark chocolate, although I didn’t find this bar too bitter. I also don’t like gojis and I thought that the pieces in this bar were a bit large for me. I also couldn’t taste too much of the coconut as the chocolate was quite strong. I don’t think I’d buy this bar again but I might try their love potion no 9 and the nutty one.


Finally, the box contained a candle from Harper’s Candles. It came in a special scent exclusive to TVK, the raspberry kind. It’s a soy based candle and they are handmade. I liked the tin and packaging but much like the last candle I reviewed it smelt lovely in the tin but I couldn’t smell much once it was lit. I don’t know if this is just me, or if I am expecting a really powerful scent but I want a candle which fills the room with fragrance, not just one that I can smell when I’m close enough to light my hair on fire.


Did you receive the July box, if you did what did you think of the contents?

Hope you’ve had a lovely week, back to work tomorrow.


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