Salt of the Earth natural deodorant review

Hi everyone, I can’t believe that it’s September tomorrow, this year has sped by! Today was supposed to be my August book review but I couldn’t get my mind to sit still and think about the books that I’ve read this month. I don’t know why I’m feeling so anxious this week but I’m justContinue reading “Salt of the Earth natural deodorant review”

Rio Rosa Mosquetta exfoliator review

Hi everyone, It’s bank holiday Monday and I’ve been working since 10:15 this morning, with four more hours to go so it’s safe to say that I’m probably very tired. I spent yesterday stuffing my face and exercising, and just generally sorting things out. I’m really not looking forward to this week because where IContinue reading “Rio Rosa Mosquetta exfoliator review”

The Vegan Kind August box review

Evening all, It’s the end of the week. I had an interview yesterday and I am really not sure how it went. I’m working til 6 tonight and then I have all week to prepare for a pretty awful week where I’m working bank holiday Monday and the entire weekend after it, I must haveContinue reading “The Vegan Kind August box review”

Tutti Gourmet fruit crackers review

Hi everyone, I swear yesterday was the warmest day of the year, I had decided to cover myself in black and wore a cardigan so it wasn’t the best day for me. I’ve been upping my calories and weight training in an attempt to increase my weight, but it’s not easy in this heat. I’veContinue reading “Tutti Gourmet fruit crackers review”

Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg review

Hi everyone, I made it through a week of work with very little issues (a few headaches but nothing too extreme). I’ve also been exercising every day, going from not being able to do one press up to being able to do five. As well as that I’ve done a lot of squats and weights.Continue reading “Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg review”

Wilmersburger’s ravioli review

Hi everyone, It’s Friday! I have this weekend off which I’m pretty pleased about because I’m shattered. I get to see a friend tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be having vegan brunch. If it manages to happen then I’ll post about it on Sunday and I will upload photos to Instagram. I am also planning toContinue reading “Wilmersburger’s ravioli review”

Superdrug Trichology review

Evening all! Well it seems like summer is finally here, and I get to work all week in a small warm room, in a heavy lab coat, with a bunch of other people and no air conditioning *thumbs up*. It’s absolutely sweltering and very uncomfortable but I guess it gives me a chance to tryContinue reading “Superdrug Trichology review”

Lenny & Larry’s birthday cake cookie review

Hi everyone, Sorry for not posting, and for my absence from social media, I haven’t been feeling very well. I felt quite down after my night shift and then started to suffer with terrible migraines. On top of all that my last two wisdom teeth have started to come through and painkillers aren’t really helpingContinue reading “Lenny & Larry’s birthday cake cookie review”