Vegolino pralines review

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I am not having a great week. Yesterday I forgot to put my phone on charge so I woke up half an hour after I was supposed to be on my bus. I ran around like crazy, got ready in fifteen minutes and caught a taxi to work. I hate not having time to gather myself in the morning so I wasn’t in the best mood and the rainy summer weather isn’t helping. At least I’m up this morning, and tomorrow I have a day off so I can catch up on sleep because I am exhausted.

On a brighter note today I have a chocolate review for you, the Vegolino fine nougat pralines.

While I am still on 100% on the Vego bars, they are just too soft and sugary for me to see them as proper chocolate, I’ve been curious about the pralines so I picked some up at Vegfest.

These are cute little individually wrapped pralines and I feel like you do get a lot in the 180g bag. However, they are quite expensive so if I didn’t receive that much of a product I probably wouldn’t have bought it. The pralines have a substance to them but when you bite in to them they are so soft and smooth and just melt away. They have a really deep nougat praline flavour and remind me of the filling of Guylian shells, if you’ve ever had those. I found the cocoa stronger in these than in the Vego bar, and I also felt that it was less sugary. They are like a truffle without all the cocoa powder on the outside. They are absolutely lovely but due to the price they’ll definitely be more of a treat than a regular purchase.


Ingredients: Cane sugar, hazelnuts paste, cocoa paste. emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla extract.

Hope your week is going better than mine,


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