Vivani strawberry wafer review

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a day off today and have spent the morning relaxing and watching tv (woke up at 6am despite really wanting a lie in). The afternoon has been spent organising and cleaning, I have a short shift tomorrow and then a night shift so I’m transitioning to staying up late tomorrow night.

Today I’m reviewing another chocolate bar from Vivani, I’ve previously reviewed their bars here and here.

This time it’s the strawberry wafer crunch. I didn’t even know this bar existed until I spotted it at Swansea Vegan Festival. I absolutely love this chocolate, which is made with rice milk, and their variety of interesting flavours make them really special.

I loved that the strawberries had turned the white chocolate pink, I’ve never seen pink vegan chocolate before. The bar had good sized pieces and the chocolate was still as sweet and creamy as I remembered. The strawberry taste was lovely and strong and the little crunches throughout were really nice. It reminded me of a strawberry milkshake and I could eat this all day long. The next flavour I’d like to try from the brand (keeping in mind that not all of their bars are vegan) is the crispy corn flakes variety.


I don’t remember how much I paid for the 35g bar at Vegfest but it was definitely more than the £1 average retail price of the bar online.

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, rice drink powder (17.5 %), tiger nuts, strawberry powder (3 %), pieces of wafer (2.5 %) (wheat flour, emulsifier: soy lecithin, sunflower oil, sea salt), natural flavour, sea salt, bourbon vanilla pod.

I hope you’ve had a great day, back to work tomorrow.

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