Garbo’s cafe/bar review

Hi everyone,

As this goes live I am probably asleep, preparing myself for my night shift later. I’m not particularly looking forward to it but I find the solace allows me time for reflection, planning and organising, which is always welcome.

Today I’m reviewing the restaurant where I had my birthday meal, Garbo’s cafe and bar in Swansea.

Garbo’s have two restaurants in my home city and luckily one is fairly close so we decided to go there. Their staff are fantastic, friendly and very knowledgeable about veganism. The chef came out to explain what’s vegan on the menu, including specials, desserts and items that she could adapt to be suitable. I felt very welcome which is refreshing considering how difficult some places can be, thinking you are just being fussy. They also hold strictly vegan nights and I hope to attend one soon. As well as this they have a selection of vegan wines but I didn’t have any because I don’t drink.

I had a problem with my phone during the meal and it corrupted my photographs so I don’t have a photo of my starter which was bread and dips with olives and houmous. The rest of the photos have been taken with my husband’s phone and I have since bought a new phone for myself. The dish was delicious but I felt that for the price I could have done with a bit more bread as I was given two small rolls.

For my main I had the roasted beetroot salad without the feta.


The mix of beetroot, carrot, herbs and nuts with leaves, cucumber and tomato was absolutely delicious. I had no qualms with the portion size, it was absolutely massive. There was also a side of garlic bread made with vegan spread. All in all a lovely dish that I wouldn’t mind eating again. Next time I might try the tagine, or the burger. After the first two courses none of us had room for dessert but that’s something to look forward to on my next visit.

Hope you’re having a great weekend,


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